About us

JSC “AIF LT” is a certified design Company (certificat No. 6034). JSC „AIF LT“ executes its functions in a real estate development market from 2007.

JSC “AIF LT” providing services quality is ensured by ISO 9001 standard.

Our high quality specialists are certified by the Environmental Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania.

JSC „AIF LT“ specialists are able to prepare detailed plans of teritories, technical and detailed projects for residental, commercial, industrial, power and other types of buildings; also to perform authorship supervision for construction sites and also construction management.

JSC „AIF LT“ specialists are able to manage the projects of construction and design in all kind of building types.

JSC „AIF LT“ provides a wide range of services:

  • Architectural and engineering design;
  • Real Estate consultations;
  • Preparation of detailed and general plans;
  • Urban studies for possible construction development;
  • Construction management and supervision;
  • Project management.